Run your entire lawn care business with Spraye

There are several great software systems on the market. None of them were truly built for professional applicators … until now.

Spend more time on lawns
Time spent in the field driving or doing customer reminders is not generating revenue. Spraye creates efficiencies for spraying companies to allow your technicians to complete more services in less time.
Reduce technician error
It can be difficult to get techs to remember to write down what they do … or when they did it … or even enter that information in an app. Spraye makes the technician’s job as easy as tapping a couple of buttons to record ALL of their compliance data. There isn’t a simpler system for technicians to use than Spraye.
Go home earlier
Spending hours in the office every night doing paperwork isn’t anyone’s definition of fun. And it really shouldn’t be necessary. Building Spraye specifically around lawn applications has allowed us to simplify each part of the process. That includes saving you hours every single day on paperwork, billing, scheduling and customer communication.
Increase your profitability
It’s not hard to understand. Spraye saves you and your technicians valuable time. This means you can accomplish more with less time. That time can be money saved with less man hours or money earned with more work done. Either way, you make more profit.

Routing & Scheduling

Scheduling technicians in a way that is simple and efficient is one of the most crucial parts of doing business for a lawn care company. We know there are a thousand different things you take into account when you are creating a schedule. So we try to give you all the options AND simplify the process as much as possible.

– Schedule by Service Area
– Use Custom Tags
– Schedule by Due Date
– Easily Preview the Size of Your Route
– Schedule Multiple Services in One Stop
– Easily Reschedule One Service at a Time or in Bulk
– Print Route Sheets & Truck Load Reports

Customer notifications & reminders

Communicating with your customers can be time-consuming and tedious. But it is absolutely a necessary part of your everyday business. We’ve automated much of your customer communication to give you more time to focus on where you’re really needed

– Text and email notifications
– Pre-service notifications
– Service completion messages
– Automated compliance data communication
– Customize your messaging
– Add custom messages from the technician screen
– Service-specific communications
– Property Condition Communications

Automated Compliance & Chemical Tracking

We can’t call ourselves a lawn care management software if we don’t make chemical tracking easy. Every service a technician completes will automatically record all of the information you need to stay compliant. Need to communicate it with customers? No problem!

– Weather information
– Timestamps
– Technician info
– Application Rates
– Active Ingredients
– EPA #’s
– Amount of Chemical Applied
– Automated Customer Notifications

CRM/Customer management

Helping businesses with managing their customer relationships is a big part of what Spraye can do. From lead tracking to internal customer notes and tasks, Spraye helps you through every part of your customer service responsibilities.

– Residential and commercial properties
– Group billing options for sub-contractors
– “On hold” features
– Keep track of property conditions and notify customers with one-click
– Property address validation

Invoicing & Billing

We know invoicing is central to you staying in business. From auto-pay to printing invoices that fit in an envelope, invoicing just has to work. So we tried to make it simple while giving youall the options you need.

– Automatically send monthly or daily invoices
– Accept online payments with credit cards
– Automated late fees
– Discounts and coupons
– Customer auto-charge
– Monthly installment plans
– Prepay options

Inventory management/procurement

We were already tracking how much product you put down on lawns. Then we built a way for you to keep track of your inventory. Now we tied those two together. Product inventory is automatically adjusted when applying products and you can easily pull a report for how much product you will need to complete any or all of your services.

– Purchase order management
– Inventory tracking

– Material resource planning & predictive product ordering


We like to think of our reports as the place to go to see what’s happening in your business. From technician efficiency to invoice aging reports, we try to make it easy for you to get important information quickly.

– Compliance reports (completed services logs)
– Invoice aging report
– Sales tax report
– Available work report
– Technician efficiency report
– Customer Growth Analysis report
– Cancel reports
– Sales reports
– Marketing reports