Shouldn’t Managing Your Lawn Treatment Business Be Easier?

Get more production from your technicians. Spend less time on paperwork. Save time & money with the ONLY software dedicated to lawn applicators.


How Spraye Makes Your Business More Efficient


Route Scheduling Done Faster

Scheduling a route shouldn’t take an hour. It shouldn’t even take 10 minutes. Get your routing and scheduling done faster with Spraye. Plus our dynamic route optimization is included with every subscription.
Scheduling a route is fast and easy. It takes me 5 minutes a day to route my 2 technicians. This feature alone saves me an hour or more every day.
Derek Chisum
C Four Spraying, LLC


Chemical Tracking – Automated

We built Spraye specifically for professional lawn applicators. So it would make sense that our chemical tracking is second to none … and automated. We include it at no additional charge in every subscription.
I think it’s one of the easiest ones out there to use. Set up of your programs takes about 5 minutes each. The chem tracking is amazing. I love that the customer gets an email when I schedule them, one the day before and the bill afterwards. They can pay right from the invoice.
Jim Beveridge
Yards Done Right


Invoicing Simplified

With customizable pricing, automated invoicing and auto-pay, Spraye makes invoicing simpler.
Makes my life way easier for sure!. Once it’s all set up everything goes pretty smooth, especially when you’re in the field working. It does pretty much everything else for you automatically from how you have your programs built
Blaine Walt
Walt’s Mowing & Lawn Service

Free Service pricing calculator

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