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New Inventory Management Module

We are excited to announce our new Inventory Management & Material Resource Planning Module! These additions not only allow you to track your inventory in Spraye but also will help you with product ordering and planning how much you need to purchase for future services.
Want to track the inventory of all of your chemicals (and other things like parts) in the same software that you track the application of those chemicals? How about automatically deducting from that inventory when you are in the field doing applications? Spraye now allows you to do that plus manage purchase orders and receiving.
Whether you want to keep a close eye on your inventory or not, our material resource planning report is certain make ordering those products easier. Want to know how much product you need for all the services you’ve sold for the entire year? How about just for the next 2 rounds? Our material resource planning report will do all the math for you. AND if you do keep track of your inventory, it will also take into account what you already have on hand when it tells you how much you need to order.
Learn more about our new inventory management feature here –>> https://support.spraye.io/support/solutions/articles/47001234052-getting-started