Spraye Partners with Harrell’s to Help Lawn Care Operators Grow Healthier Businesses

Harrell’s®, a leading distributor of agronomic solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Spraye, an innovative software solution tailored specifically for lawn treatment businesses. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how lawn care operators manage their businesses, aligning with Harrell’s commitment to helping lawn care operators grow greener lawns, have happier customers, and build healthier businesses.


Spraye, founded in 2018 by Brian and Caitlin Schlichting, offers a comprehensive suite of features, including chemical tracking and compliance, invoicing, scheduling, payment processing, customer communication, and inventory management.


Unlike generic software solutions, Spraye is exclusively designed for lawn treatment businesses. It provides intuitive tools to enhance profitability while ensuring adherence to state laws and regulations.


Caitlin Schlichting, Co-founder of Spraye, highlights the platform’s significant time-saving benefits: “Our users report saving over two hours daily on administrative tasks. These extra hours can be utilized to drive revenue or enjoy quality time with family, rather than being bogged down by office work.”


The partnership provides users with a unique combination: intuitive and robust agronomic software with direct access to leading agronomic consultants at no extra cost.


Through the never-before-seen Ask a Fertilizer Expert feature, Spraye users will gain unlimited access to Harrell’s network of agronomic consultants. This free feature allows Spraye users to get answers to their toughest agronomic questions, including fertilizer and chemical recommendations, directly from Harrell’s team of agronomists.



Clay Breazeale, Harrell’s Vice President of Turf South, says, “Harrell’s is proud to align with SPRAYE, an innovative and intuitive customer management platform for lawn care operators. A core value at Harrell’s is investing in people and helping them be successful. This collaborative effort aligns with that belief. By combining an efficient customer management platform from SPRAYE with agronomic support from Harrell’s, our desire is to help customers who specialize in fertilizer and chemical applications manage and grow healthy businesses.”


What sets Spraye apart is its commitment to simplicity, user-centric design, and transparent pricing. By focusing on features essential to lawn care operators and eliminating unnecessary complexities, Spraye empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive market. Harrell’s and Spraye truly win by maintaining a focus on taking care of the customer, and it is this shared focus that drives the partnership.


To see how Spraye works, visit www.spraye.io or reach out to your Harrell’s rep at www.harrells.com/Sales.






Spraye uses innovative software solutions to help lawn care companies become more efficient and profitable while complying with all state laws and regulations. Existing software was built for too many industries or too complicated to learn and use. Most importantly, chemical tracking and compliance for lawn applications seemed to be added as an afterthought and were difficult to implement daily.


Although Spraye started with a very basic list of functions like invoicing, scheduling, and chemical tracking, it has quickly evolved into a fully featured solution that includes autopay, credit card processing, automated customer communication, lead management, and inventory.



In addition to being the nation’s largest distributor of branded fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, Harrell’s produces top-quality, custom-blended fertilizers, specialty liquids, and wetting agents. Harrell’s guarantees stringent quality control procedures, tight manufacturing specifications, and careful selection of raw materials for each product that carries the Harrell’s name. Additionally, Harrell’s is proud to be the exclusive United States owner, formulator, and distributor of all POLYON® branded products.


For more information about Harrell’s, including the company’s core values to serve, honor, and glorify God, take care of people, and grow in financial strength, visit www.Harrells.com.