The Best Lawn Care Software:
Spraye vs. Real Green vs. Yardbook

The best lawn care software: Spraye vs. RealGreen vs. Yardbook

Which Lawn Care Software is Best for You?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of software management tools available for lawn care companies to use, but how do you decide which one is the best lawn care software for you and your business? You may be thinking of switching your lawn care software (or finally pulling the trigger on your first management software), and are on the hunt for the best lawn care software that will simplify your job. We’ve done the research and compiled all the information on three of the biggest and best lawn care software options — RealGreen, Yardbook, and Spraye — so you can make an informed decision. Here is a breakdown of Spraye vs. Real Green vs. Yardbook:

Base Price$89.99/month$125/monthFree Ad Supported
Automated chemical tracking𝙓
Route optimizationAdditional FeesAdditional Fees
Automated invoicingAdditional Fees
Mobile accessAdditional Fees
Credit card processingAdditional Credit Card Processing Fees
Customer CC auto-charge𝙓
Create Service Areas by Polygon𝙓𝙓
Automated customer email remindersAdditional FeesAdditional Fees
Real time weather integration
Automated compliance tracking & reporting𝙓
Automated invoicingAdditional Fees
Easy Bulk Renewals𝙓𝙓
Multiple-step lawn care programsAdditional Fees
Customer portalAdditional FeesAdditional Fees
Quickbooks Online integration$14.99/monthAdditional FeesAdditional Fees
Additional users$29.99/month/user$60 – $80/month/user
Route by Map View𝙓
Zapier Integration𝙓

The Spraye Difference

Not only does Spraye offer the most for your dollar, but it is the only software designed specifically for lawn care applicators. The Spraye team consulted hundreds of lawn care applicators when creating its software and took into consideration what features you really need to run a successful business in the most efficient way possible. Some of the features that set Spraye apart from competitors include:

Fully Automated Chemical Tracking

Chemical tracking is required in many jurisdictions to be stored for up to seven years. Unlike other software, Spraye completely takes the hassle and monotony out of this process by automatically recording 100% of this information for you every time your technician completes a service at a property. It’s then stored in one convenient, searchable location so that you don’t have to dig around for the information you need. Spending hours every week updating or entering chemical data is no longer necessary with Spraye.

Compliance Features

Compliance is one part of the job that may be difficult to keep up with for some. With different rules and regulations in place, it is hard to keep it all straight, but Spraye makes it easy! Spraye’s software was built around compliance, making it easier than ever to manage. From chemicals to weather to client communication, we’ve automated each part of this process so you can focus on what is actually making you money rather than trying to focus on how to keep from getting fined.


Spraye’s goal is to help you in any way possible in order to make your job even the tiniest bit simpler. One way Spraye does that is by offering customizable software that allows you to be in full control of your business. Customizing your portal to your company colors, adding your logo, and custom pricing for different services that you offer are all possible with Spraye.

Routing & Scheduling

Unlike its competitors, Spraye makes it fast and simple to schedule services! We’ve cut out all the unnecessary and clunky steps so that all you need to do is simply schedule one time and our software does the rest. It’s intuitive so it will send reminders to your clients, and set the best routes for technicians so they can spend less time on the road and more time servicing customers.

Free Mobile Access

Tired of paying fees just to have mobile access? With Spraye, this is included for every single user … no additional fees needed.

Are You Ready for Success?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, let Spraye help you on your way to success! Spraye is the only lawn care software management tool fully dedicated to lawn care applicators and designed to create efficiencies by making routing simple, compliance manageable, and customer service a breeze.

If you’re interested in more of what Spraye can do to help you manage your business, schedule a free demo today!