Automated Chemical Tracking for Lawn Care Companies

5 Ways Spraye Lawn Care Software Simplifies Chemical Tracking

Do You Spend Hours Every Month On Chemical Tracking & Compliance?


As professional lawn care applicators, it’s understood that herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals can be key to keeping a lawn healthy and looking great. However, due to a number of regulations, in most places it is vital to properly record, track and report chemical information in order to remain compliant. Most people use some type of lawn care software to help them with this process.

Unfortunately, most lawn care softwares don’t have truly automated chemical tracking. This means lost hours daily with things like manual tracking, spreadsheets and entering information in multiple places. With a system that is built specifically for professional lawn applicators, this shouldn’t be an issue, and with Spraye, it isn’t. We’ve taken all of the lost hours and the headaches of tracking and reporting and communication and automated the entire process.

Top 5 Ways Sprayes Lawn Care Software Makes Chemical Tracking Simple

Chemical tracking can be one of the most frustrating and tedious parts of the job, but Spraye makes it hassle-free and simple! Here are some of the ways our software can make your chemical tracking and compliance process more efficient:

1. Real-Time Weather Information is Recorded Automatically

Spraye provides real-time weather information and automatically includes that in your compliance reports. From wind speed and direction to temperature, everything is recorded automatically as the technician completes the service. We even warn you if wind speeds are too high for a specified product and allow a technician to enter a hand-measured wind speed when necessary.

2. Chemical Records are Automatically Entered at Service Completion

When your technician taps the “Complete” button, all of your chemical information is automatically recorded. Application rates, active ingredients, estimated chemical used, EPA numbers … all of this information and more is recorded every single time a service is done. No more manually entering information. No more end of day data entry. No more hours wasted on something your system should be doing for you.

3. Chemical Record Reports Can be Generated in Seconds

Now that all your data is tracked and stored in one convenient location, Spraye takes it to the next step to simplify your record keeping by incorporating a search feature. With this tool, you can easily search through your records instead of having to dig through files. Just simply type in the customer name, date, or location and you can easily access your stored data and print or download it. 

4. Automated Customer Communication

Do you need to notify customers in advance that you are coming? Do you need to provide them with information related to the products you are applying? Spraye lets you customize everything about this process. Simply click a few checkboxes to let us know what information you want to send to your customers, and we take care of the rest. No typing chemical info to each customer. No manual phone calls or emails the night before. Simply set up our automated emails and text messages and let Spraye do the work for you. We can even automatically include any compliance information you need on your invoices!

5. Simple Technician Input When Desired

For most applications, your technicians should have to do absolutely nothing to keep their records up to date. But we know that sometimes you may need to enter a hand-measured wind speed. Or maybe your technician needs to make an adjustment on the amount of a specific product applied. We make this process simple and a natural part of the process of completing a service.

Are You Ready for Success?

Spraye users tell us they save up to 6 hours on chemical tracking and 4 hours on record-keeping per technician each week! This could give you and your technicians more time on lawns and less time spent dealing with compliance paperwork and data entry.

If you are ready to ditch the daily compliance and chemical tracking grind, let Spraye help you on your way to success! Spraye is the only lawn care software management tool fully dedicated to lawn care applicators and designed to create efficiencies by making routing simple, compliance manageable, and customer service a breeze.

If you’re interested in more of what Spraye can do to help you manage your business, schedule a free demo today!